Experts in Modeling Compositional Complexity

PERA provides specialist petroleum engineering consultancy to the global petroleum industry. We are recognized experts in the area of PVT and phase behavior, gas condensate reservoirs, and gas-based EOR.

PERA was founded by Curtis Hays Whitson in 1988, some ten years after graduating from Stanford University and making his permanent residence in Norway. Whitson is the primary author of SPE Phase Behavior monograph (2000), and co-author of the book Well Performance (1987). PERA staff all share a common expertise in dealing with engineering problems that involve compositional complexity.

PERA also conducts industry-sponsored and in-house R&D, and we actively support graduate research and summer internship programs at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and several universities in USA.

PERA is a Norwegian corporation located in Trondheim, Norway, with local presence in USA, India, and the Middle East.